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Net-a-Porter Net-a-Porter: One Smart Marketer

A new kind of audit coming out of BPA’s UK offices for a magazine. The name of that magazine? Porter!

A former Marine Artillery Captain when asked what’s the one piece of advice he could give a businessman said, "Things could always be worse.” THINGS COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE

I once asked a friend – a former Marine Artillery Captain – what’s the one piece of advice he could give me from his experiences that could help me in business? Without hesitation, he answered with a curious smile, “Things could always be worse.” I thought of that advice recently when more than one of […]

Do-QR-codes-Work DO QR CODES WORK?

One of our clients recently asked about QR codes. The client formed the impression that they aren’t being used much, and was wondering if there was value in using them. As with anything else, “value” is in the eye of the beholder – and in this case, the user. This is what we told our […]

Who says cash isn't king? People who don't know the power of cash! Cash Isn’t King…Yea, Right.

In “Cash Isn’t King,” which appeared in the November/December 2015 issue of INCENTIVE magazine, Leo Jakobson presented results of a “major new study” that said “four-fifths of program participants actually would prefer non-cash awards as part of a ’Total Award Exeprience.’” He says the key to the study are the words “Total Award Experience,” and […]