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BACK-TO-SCHOOL-ROI BACK TO SCHOOL: Robert Rose Misses the Point of ROI being only for Content Marketing

ROI can be positive OR negative. John Wannamaker was, after all, right: we only know half of the truth of what works and what doesn’t. Even today, when we have so many more tools to measure advertising and its tactics (of which content marketing is one), it is difficult to quantify ROI. But just because it is difficult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

The Pain of Change Your Business is About to Change. Duh.

Colvin’s thesis is the arrival of a “friction-free economy,” where labor, information and money move around easily, cheaply and almost instantly. Colvin is right – only the dates are wrong. That “friction-free” economy he discusses was always here, but now, through technology, everyone sees it.

Advisory-Name-Tag Alas, poor Yorick! Do you know him?

“That’s so wrong,” I said speaking up for the first time. “That’s so wrong,” I repeated, emphasis on “so.” They ignored my comment. I was sitting at a panel discussion regarding the curriculum at University of Phoenix, and we were talking about how their current environment was not friendly for students who want to enroll […]


The November 2 issue of FORBES® magazine had six covers. That’s right, 6! At first, I thought it was a printing error; after all, six covers? But we receive at least two copies of FORBES in our office (we get over 1,000 magazines each month as we study the disruption going on in the print […]