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Mr. X’s business philosophy is that you stand out by knowledge, so he keeps old copies of these magazines, tears out ads to keep on file in his “system.”

catcher THE PITCH

Pitching business is part art, part science. Timing has a lot to do with whether it’s successful or not. As a marketing company, we pitch a lot, and we hear a lot of pitches. I remember one time, a couple of media reps were pitching our client for their magazine.  After a few minutes, it […]

SocMediaBlog How to Do Smarter B2B Social Marketing

By Kenzi Lindamood, Marketing Manager at Stirista. We asked Kenzi to be our guest blogger. Kenzi joined Stirista in 2014 after working in the oil and gas industry. She specializes in email marketing, social media, and content development. In her previous professional experience, Kenzi also has been involved in public relations and search engine optimization. ____________________ […]

cutty Rorschach Test: Who Is Robert Redford?

When we finished, I had to ask one more question because almost always, people say, “I think the one man looks like Robert Redford.” So I asked: “Does the man on the left look like Robert Redford?”