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Our company was formed by being able to do what our clients needed quickly, neatly, and efficiently. We help position our clients as market leaders.

Growing your business.
Your number one priority. Interline strategies bring proven, unique tactics that help.

Our strength comes from solving a variety of problems for a variety of clients—far beyond what typical agencies do. Yes, we can publicize new products with print and electronic support, create ad campaigns, and design websites. But we also provide backup for overwhelmed sales forces, analyze market channels, develop sales leads, and tackle anything else clients need.

A company that seeks to get value to the customer faster requires more capacity, especially because all companies now compete on time. Fast response necessitates efficient precision and more than excellent service: It requires experimentation, innovation and new approaches.

Our Philosophy is Strategy

The classic ways of trying to gain a strategic advantage was to either lower your prices or emphasize the benefits of your products and services that made you different from your competitors.  Doing just that today is not enough because there’s too much competition.  There is no way for your company to either price effectively against everyone all the time, nor have its product/service positioned as significantly different for any acceptable length of time.  Information is shared too rapidly, intensifying today’s competitive climate.

Besides, these classic tactics have serious negative implications because of today’s fast-paced environment.  Lowering prices and declaring a price war gains only temporary relief from competitive pressure.  It causes quick, knee-jerk reactions from everyone involved in the price war(harming profit).  Worse,  price cutting causes brand erosion.  Any price cutting will erase value  (and the love) from your brand twice as fast as it took you to build it into the brand.

Likewise, emphasizing what makes your products and services different than competitors is insufficient.  Since information travels to your competitors rapidly, it doesn’t take long to duplicate those benefits.  As a result, your marketplace is much more volatile than ever before because differences between companies blur.

And it will stay this way.  This escalation of competition really means it is no longer a war of product vs. product, or service vs. service.  It has become company vs. company war, which now means your overall capacity for response and action are central to achieving your business goals.

When we wrote that at the beginning of our journey in 1990, our world was very different. But the essence of that message, that strategy is critical to success, has not changed. In fact, only technology changes: human beings and their motivations don’t.

Which is why we are still standing, ready to help you sell your products and services.

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