Established in 1988, Eemax is the #1 supplier of residential, commercial and industrial tankless water heaters. Eemax products are recognized for their environmental friendliness and energy-efficiency.

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Maintaining Parameters of Fulfillment Within Budget

Eemax, a supplier of tankless water heater solutions, knows that every sale begins with an inquiry. Eemax approached Interline Creative Group/MarketNet to help with the “backroom” details of lead fulfillment and management so they could focus on attracting and closing sales prospects. In addition to managing the process of sending a personalized response package to Eemax’s prospect, Interline managed the printing of the corresponding materials needed to remain with the set budget.

MarketNet not only fulfills Eemax’s leads, but prints the literature on demand, which saves time, money and inventory stocking costs. Each lead from a representative or customer is processed and fulfilled within an industry-leading short period of time. Literature is sent in a timely, efficient and appropriate manner when it is needed and wanted most.

MarketNet works with Eemax frequently to examine usage and evaluate printing demands of literature,  to determine the appropriate literature to be sent.  These efforts save time, money and production costs — keeping all required activities with budget restraints.