The Geberit Group is a globally operated leader in the sanitary products field. With 35 production facilities worldwide, Geberit Group provides unique value-added sanitary technology and bathroom solutions.

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Geberit Full Product Line and Price Catalog

Full Product Line and Price Catalog

Geberit needed literature that provided detailed information on all of their major products in the same place. In addition to their widely known in-wall systems for toilets, urinals, bidets and lavatories, Geberit wanted to include their extensive line of actuator plates, floor-mounted products, and bath waste and overflow systems. The catalog was intended to provide architects, plumbers, and designers all necessary information on Geberit products.

Interline rose to the challenge, creating a detailed 80-page catalog that incorporated Geberit’s extensive product information. The catalog detailed the unique benefits of Geberit products, with the addition of line drawings and diagrams, and all of the pricing information plumbers, builders and architects require to best serve their clients.