Survival Guides

Survival Guides

Interline, a leading marketing organization, offers you some strategies to survive this decade of turbulence. Interline’s “Survival Guides” – covering proven tactics on everything from publicity and advertising to the Internet and how to become a product spokesperson – are based on years of marketing and experience.

Advertising: Review business basics, realize how advertising is everything!  Examination of successful advertising techniques, learn how to respond to each particular need and requirement.

Phone: How important the phone is in strategy and tactics of business discover the power of customer relationships built through the phone.  Review helpful techniques in listening to your customers over the phone, including recognizing voice signals.

Research: Review business basics.  Learn how research provides insight about your customers. Examination of RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) principles.  Evaluation of research findings, value added before going to market.

Media: Review business basics, evaluate message exposure methods.   Learn how to respond to each particular need and requirement.

Internet: Define today’s “consumer”: Who are “your” consumers? Determine your value proposition: How do you find and define your value?  Delighting the consumer using website differentiation;
Integrated Marketing Drivers

Strategic Planning: Examination of strategic disciplines, evaluate common elements in a combat environment.  Learn how to respond to customer challenges: problem solving based on overall business strategy.

Direct Mail: Examination of list development strategies, learn how to effectively define your target audience.  Review the steps to develop direct mail including the “must haves” essential for effective communication.

Publicity: Discover relevant PR activities, review helpful techniques that correspond with activities. Learn how to develop each particular activity.

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