Founded in 1931 by advertisers, agencies and the media industry, BPA is a not-for-profit organization that audits advertising publications. BPA also provides compliance and assurance reviews for government, industry, and organizations.

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Research Helps Marketers Understand Media Buys During Digital Disruption

Electronic and social media provide numerous ways for companies to reach their target audiences with information, today more than ever before. But, how can advertisers really know what they are buying? With the abundance of content and audience exposure available for “free” on the web at virtually a click of finger, BPA Worldwide realized they needed to make advertisers and marketing professionals more aware of who BPA is and why they should demand “accountability” in their media buying. BPA provides the market with assurance by offering marketers third-party audience and traffic verification. To assist their publisher, clients maintain and grow advertising revenue. BPA Worldwide came to Interline Creative Group for assistance in determining how to raise the level of awareness and education on the benefits of using media that were BPA Audited.

In order to develop a market-driven advertising and marketing campaign, Interline suggested they assist BPA with conducting exploratory interviews with key BPA stakeholders. These interviews would help BPA learn more about how they are perceived in the marketplace and what marketing professionals and media owners need to make better media decisions. Interline not only helped BPA set-up and conduct phone interviews but also helped develop a series of questions for media staff and marketing executives. The research was designed to help identify BPA’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as evaluate the market’s awareness of BPA and use of third party verification services for print and digital media channels.

Interline and BPA Worldwide conducted in-depth interviews with major B2B media firms, sales reps and marketing executives. Through the interviews, BPA learned that they need to do more to reach out to their members and buyers to educate and inform the market of the value of a third-party assurance. Due to digital disruption in the market, it is becoming more and more difficult for marketers to understand what they are actually buying.  Marketing and advertising executives need more “intelligence” behind just the numbers.  They need some level of validation that they are reaching their target audience and that the audience is engaged with their message. At the same time, sales representatives need assistance from BPA to understand how to best differentiate their brands using BPA audited data.