IT Support Smooths Salesforce Transition

Most businesses integrate customer relationship management (CRM) strategies and technologies to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers. As such, Crescent Cardboard chose Salesforce, which allows them to maintain focus on customers in a faster, simpler way. However, when they needed someone to take the place of their administrator, they turned to Interline Creative for admin support for all Crescent Salesforce users as well as help in troubleshooting and navigating the system to reach its full lead-generating and managing potential.

Having quality IT support for employees can be challenging. As experts in the use of Salesforce as well as data management, Interline Creative Group evaluated Crescent Cardboard’s intended use of Salesforce and streamlined the process and created customized pages for users. The support encompassed responding and providing solutions for the company’s users of Salesforce, as well as performing monthly data backup, creating reports and generating lists. Interline Creative has the flexibility to provide creation and execution of eblast campaigns and surveys to auto-collect information from their customers.

Additionally, Interline helped with integrating the Salesforce Mobile App so that Crescent Sales Reps could access their account information on their mobile devices during their client visits. Furthermore, Interline created a customized Sales Agenda Template that generates reports for the sales team and configured Salesforce to work with Crescent’s telephone system for customer service calls.  Having a friendly, dedicated team of IT specialists with the know-how and experience to provide onsite engineering, remote help desk support, and custom solutions provided Crescent support as needed, when it was needed most.

Interline Creative Group provided the client with tailored, immediate troubleshooting solutions to minimize the impact to business operations and optimize their CRM system. As a quality IT partner, Interline was able to provide a superior level of service — a customized, spot-on support that kept pace with their business.