E-Commerce Streamlines Online Storefront

Conducting business often includes offering e-commerce options to customers. When it comes to purchasing items that are being marketed, there are two key must haves: immediate product availability and the right platform must be used to maximize the sales potential. Interline Creative through its sister company, MarketNet, identified an area of growth and saw a need to stock and sell a client’s commodity product that every building uses on a daily basis: handwashing soap. As such, Interline Creative took up the challenge to accommodate this customer’s need for sales


Interline Creative/MarketNet developed an online e-commerce portal, Optimasoap.com, to accommodate customers such as building facility managers, janitorial services and the hospitality industry. The experts at Interline created an integrated platform featuring an easy-to-use purchasing experience with an option to phone in an order for those that do not wish to purchase online. Simplifying the task of ordering soap and streamlining purchasing is all about having an online storefront with payment processing capabilities.

Optimasoap.com has been a trusted online retailer for almost 10 years, created by MarketNet. We work directly with the product manufacturers to offer products that exceed expectations . The e-commerce portal has proven to be an invaluable tool for customers and Interline alike. In most cases, product ships within 24 hours.