Leonard Valve

Since incorporating in 1913, Leonard Valve has been credited with inventing the thermostatic water mixing valve. Today, Leonard Valve is a leading valve manufacturer that is constantly evolving to meet the stringent needs of today’s commercial buildings.

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Sales Support Guides Manufacturer Through Transition

Change can be difficult, and when that change occurs in the sales and distribution channel, it can result in a tricky combination of starting fresh while maintaining continuity with existing accounts. Leonard Valve, a manufacturer of thermostatic mixing valves for commercial and industrial buildings such as hospitals, hotels and factories, learned about that type of change first-hand when some of its manufacturers’ representatives decided to no longer carry Leonard products.  A competing manufacturer delivered an ultimatum to the reps, making them choose one or the other. During that period, Leonard faced a number of issues simultaneously, but it needed to primarily focus on sales.

Leonard was at a loss and didn’t have time to address all the issues surrounding the switch. The company management asked its trusted partner, Interline Creative Group, for advice and marketing support. Interline immediately took action in terms of communicating the changes, focusing on the positive. Through personalized letters to customers, paid announcements in association newsletters and magazines, and press releases to the business-to-business media, Interline kept the market informed about the changes and how Leonard could best serve customers’ sales requirements moving forward.  Further marketing support, in the form of traditional trade press magazine advertising and other approaches, bolstered Leonard’s corporate message of being a progressive leader in the mixing valve industry.

Leonard management was able to successfully see the company through this change because it trusted Interline to take care of the rest. Leonard appreciated Interline’s ability to quickly develop and implement a multi-step plan and their meticulous attention to the fine details surrounding this change.