Longleaf Collection

Located in Aberdeen, NC, Longleaf Collection is a manufacturer of high quality door hardware and bath accessories. Longleaf’s products incorporate thoughtful design and the architectural integrity of each project.

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Longleaf Collection

Online Product Configurator

Longleaf Collection, a manufacturer of hardware for interior/exterior doors and cabinetry, specializes in providing custom pieces specific to each application. While their website showed the bare bones of what they supply, the site just did not do their product line any justice or provide the customer any customization options.

Interline Creative Group’s talented web developers conceptualized, designed, and built a completely interactive experience where the user could choose any style, function, and finish offered by Longleaf and have their design-specific request transmitted for consultation and quotation.

Longleaf’s Idea Configurator is an incredibly useful tool for both the user and for Longleaf.  While the user gets the benefit of being able to instantly visualize their project’s hardware, the engineers at Longleaf get to see first-hand where their industry is trending.

Interline’s full service web development department was able to take the idea of a catalog one full step further. Longleaf now has a modern and effective system for interacting with their current and potential clients. Using the Idea Configurator unlocks the design potential and enables one-of-a-kind hardware creations.  With the Idea Configurator and their entire website in Interline’s hands, Longleaf’s digital presence will always be current and accessible.