System Sensor

Formed in 1984, System Sensor is a global manufacturer of fire detection and notification devices, specializing in smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, and notification technology.

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System Sensor

Flexible Marketing Campaign Adapts to Industry Activity

Reaching the right audience to promote a product and prompting them to take action are the ultimate goals of advertising for a manufacturer. When that product is established and well-known, manufacturers can jump right to the promotion. But when System Sensor, a manufacturer of fire- and life-safety products, was ready to introduce its advanced carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, management determined that the industry didn’t know much about the product category, or even about the need for CO detectors. Standard business-to-business advertising and direct mail marketing weren’t going to be enough to generate interest and sales.

Interline Creative Group analyzed the market and recommended a targeted approach based initially on educating the market about the dangers of CO poisoning and the need for CO detectors. The solution involved a three-tier program — direct mail, e-mail blasts and a comprehensive Web-based microsite— in addition to standard advertising and public relations. Interline created direct mail for specific regional areas undergoing CO code or legislative changes or to respond to CO situations. An e-mail blast was sent to complement the direct mail program.

The message was always the same: The client is aware of the issues involved and has a viable solution to the issue. A microsite Interline developed serves as a home base of information for downloading specification sheets, white papers, stories and more. The plan has been made adaptable to quickly react in customized ways as new opportunities arise.

Interline Creative Group armed the client with a multi-leveled approach to reach its audience. This has increased exposure to CO and to System Sensor, spurred greater interest among its targeted audience and validated its position as an industry expert.