Universal Beauty Products, Inc.

Universal Beauty Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of personal care products. With over 10 brands, Universal Beauty Products offers an extensive portfolio of grooming, beard, hair and skin products. The Men’s Care division includes Beard Guyz®, focused on men’s beard care, and Van Der Hagen®, focused on the flourishing grooming market.

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Universal Beauty Products Inc.

Focusing on Specialty Markets


Universal Beauty Supply, a manufacturer of a variety of beard-and shave-related personal grooming products for men, needed to be able to reach several audiences with a similar PR message for its brand “Beard Guyz®.” Due to lack of time and resources within the company for writing and distributing multiple press releases, Universal Beauty Supply turned to Interline Creative Group to spread their message to potential customers about their new Beard Guyz® Micro-Mist Beard Oil product.


Interline stepped in and worked quickly, neatly, and efficiently to develop an initial non-market-specific press release introducing the Beard Guyz® Micro-Mist Beard Oil product. By developing a thorough understanding of potential targets in the growing personal grooming market and working with Universal Beauty to identify the most relevant audiences, Interline was able to create a variety of market-focused press releases based on the original release, but more finely tuned for each distinct audience. The distinct lists targeted in Universal Beauty Supply’s Micro-Mist Beard Oil campaign included publications that served retail, affluent lifestyle, fishing, hunting, sporting, and business travel readerships.


Interline helped Universal Beauty Supply spread the word about their Micro-Mist Beard Oil product, with each “niche” PR campaign generating high open rates that often exceeded 15 percent. The campaign helped to create exposure for the product among new audiences.