Versatility for Different Markets


Innovative Insulation, a manufacturer of a variety of radiant barrier and reflective insulation products, needed to be able to reach multiple markets with a similar PR message. Due to lack of time and resources within the company for developing a new public relations campaign, Innovative Insulation turned to Interline Creative Group to spread their message to potential customers about their RF Shielding Radiant Barrier product line.


Interline stepped in and worked quickly, neatly, and efficiently to develop an initial non-market-specific press release on Innovative Insulation’s RF Shielding Radiant Barrier product. By developing a thorough understanding of potential targets in the radiant barrier insulation market and Innovative’s marketing goals, Interline was able to create a variety of market-focused releases based on the original press release, but more finely tuned for each distinct audience. The audiences targeted in this campaign included property managers, remodelers, DIYers, builders, construction professionals, healthcare facility managers and roofers.


Interline helped Innovative Insulation spread the word about their revolutionary RF Shielding product, with each “niche” PR campaign generating high open rates that often exceeded 20 percent. Clicks on links in several campaigns exceeded 50 percent, generating exposure and familiarity for the product in new markets.

Innovative Insulation

Innovative Insulation is a multi-million-dollar company that markets and distributes a variety of reflective and radiant barrier insulation products throughout the country.