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Chicago Faucets has been in business for over 110 years, and is the leading American manufacturer of commercial faucets. Chicago Faucets is committed to quality and manufactures American-made products.

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Chicago Faucets
Chicago Faucet Market Research Questionnaire

Market Research Questionnaire

Chicago Faucets wanted the opinions of their customers and end users in order to improve their new electronic faucets. Chicago Faucets asked Interline to develop a customer research survey that would entice end users to respond and divulge the information needed to drive future product development. Interline created an in-depth survey titled “All Hands on Deck,” which gleaned detailed information with a series of brief, yet powerful questions. Respondents were entered into a drawing to win a $150 Visa gift card. Chicago Faucets was pleased with the detailed responses collected from the survey, and used the information in the development of future electronic faucet models.