Publicity’s Role in Marketing

Publicity is a powerful force in marketing because people believe what they read or hear in an editorial context more than advertising. There is a special skill in learning what, about a commercial product or your project, will interest media in the form of news. But, it is a skill you can learn. You have to think like a magazine editor or writer!

The “green” movement is an excellent example. This movement captured the attention of the entire design community and included the creation of the USGBC, which developed a complete structure of green measure (LEED®). It is a pervasive subject — it is almost impossible to glance a newsfeed or pick up a newspaper without reading something about conservation these days. Tying your own project into this movement gives it “natural” interest to the editors of newspapers and magazines.

Reaching audiences with blogs, booklets, PowerPoints, white papers, etc. enhances your communications, and is part of the “marketing” of publicity itself. There are many ways to communicate your messages, including:

  • Publishing a feature article in specialized magazines
  • Writing a letter to an editor of a journal, newspaper or magazine
  • Running an advertisement
  • Direct mailing a specific group
  • Doing a seminar
  • Personally visiting an editor(s)

Therefore, as part of your preparation, build an editorial database of those who you need to know!