Media Overload

Between 6,000 to 10,000.

That’s the average number of advertisements that a person sees each day – that’s double that of 2007.

In fact, back in 1998, the American Marketing Association estimated exposures were between 76 to 560 (“Issues and Arguments in the World of Media” published with the AAAA’s 1998 Media Conference in Anaheim, CA). Regardless of whether it is 560 or 6,000, the fact is that to rise above all that clutter, you need a highly targeted message – and the right media.

Media refers to various means of communication (see list on right). It’s no wonder the number of impressions is rising! So if you expect to sell your services, you have to have a semi- working knowledge of all these channels – and know when to use them, and when not to use them.

Why? Because you don’t have an unlimited budget, and even if you consider advertising as an investment, you want a return on that investment that is positive!

Remember: too much exposure can work against you!

The types of media to be aware of include:

  • Direct mail brochures Organizational websites Telemarketing
  • Internet advertising E-mail
  • Special events E-commerce Point of sale Personal selling
  • Television/cable TV Radio
  • Newspaper Magazines
  • Outdoor billboards and transit